Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia

Indonesian Society of Project Management Professionals



IAMPI is a professional association / group practitioners Indonesian Project Management Experts established in Jakarta on 16 July 1999. The establishment of IAMPI were ratified by notary public Agus Majid SH with IAMPI formation state (deed) No. 182 dated 31 July 2000, last reconfirmed were on 1 April 201t through notary deed No. 1 by Notary Public Dewi Tenty Septy Artiany, SH, M.Kn.


IAMPI is a nonprofit organization worked to improve project implementation quality and programs by providing project management lessons and consultation in a large scale for stakeholder and people.

IAMPI’s Program

  • Membership
  • National Certificate
  • National/International Seminar
  • Learning and Sharing PM
  • Newsletter / Journal
  • Partnership with academics and Business Partner (Management Project Standard Training)

IAMPI’s services

IAMPI provides these services:

Management project lessons on constructions and non constructions sector, especially on company/entity as follows:
  • Provides Planning Services (Planning Consultant)
  • Provides Monitoring / Controlling Services (Construction Monitoring and Management Consultant)
  • Provides Implementation Services (Contractor)
  • Provides Management Project Services (Project Management Consultant)
  • Provides ECPI Services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation)
  • Provides Banking, Financial, and Insurances Services
  • Provides Telecommunication Services
  • Provides Oil and Gas Services
  • Provides Mining and Energy Services
  • Provides Education and People Empowerement Services
  • Services Users (Project owners, services user, customer)