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Flyer Seminar 2018(1)

The International Project Management Seminar 2018

Increasing population cause increase food, energy, and land demand. Currently, the problem of food supply is an important issue that the increasing rate of conversion of cropland to non-agricultural land, degradation of land resources, leveling-off productivity, and global climate change can have a negative impact on food production.

Indonesia has not been able to achieve sustainable food sovereignty. Some steps that can be taken to improve the performance of food production are increased productivity with new technology, assembling of new varieties, improving agricultural production facilities and infrastructure, reducing the rate of conversion of food land and printing new food lands.

Therefore, technological solutions is very important with the application of biotechnology. The application of biotechnology to primary production, health and industry could result in an emerging “bioeconomy” where biotechnology contributes to a significant share of economic output. The bioeconomy is likely to involve three elements: advanced knowledge of genes and complex cell processes, renewable biomass, and the integration of biotechnology applications across sectors (Almela, 2011).

The characteristics of biotechnology project, programme and portfolio management (PPPm) and innovation with sustainability for the new bioeconomy in order to estimate what’s the right competences in PPPm might look like. It also indicates an approach to help guide the use of PPPm biotechnology to address current and future challenges (Almela, 2011).

With this background, a one-day seminar 2018 is very important to formulate some steps in the future. Active participation of stakeholder who relate to biotechnology and genetic engineering is very expected.

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Flyer Seminar 2018(1)