Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia

Indonesian Society of Project Management Professionals


IAMPI Professional Certification

It is an appraisal process to acquire recognition in classification and qualification on competence and ability of experts/profession in services field according listed in certificate and its attachment. Competence certificate apply for 3 years and can be renew with applied terms and conditions.

IAMPI Qualification skills covering


  1. Young Experts of Project Management (AMP) IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  2. Associate Expert of Project Management (MPM) IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  3. Main Expert of Project Management (MPU) IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
Associate / Branch:
  1. ICT Project Manager (TIK) IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  2. Construction Manager IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  3. Project Supervisor/Project Inspector IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  4. Quantity Surveyor IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  5. Project Scheduler IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  6. Project Cost Controller IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  7. Quality Assurance IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  8. Quality Control Officer IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  9. Project Risk Manager IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  10. Project Procurement Specialist IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK
  11. HSE Project Officer IAMPI-BNSP/LPJK


  1. IPMA Level D : Certified Project Management Associate
  2. IPMA Level C : Certified Project Manager
  3. IPMA Level B : Certified Senior Project Manager
  4. IPMA Level A : Certified Projects Director
Provisions to become facilitator/instructur of training in IAMPI certification

Based on reference on chairman of IAMPI No.079A/SK/IAMPI/VII/2011 about the establishment of special traning facilitator for Project/Program/Portfolio Management Skill Certificate

  • Training facilitator for Young Experts of Project Management (AMP) minimal requirement is Associate Expert of Project Management IAMPI or PMP (Project Management Professionals) USA, with the priority of IAMPI organizer.
  • Training Facilitator for Associate/Main Experts of Project Management minimal requirement is Main Experts of IAMPI Project Management or The Experts of Project Management (Program Expert and Portfolio Management), CCM (Certified Construction Management)

The establishment of said facilitator apply in the central.