Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia

Indonesian Society of Project Management Professionals

Ethical Code

Ethical Code and Profession Code of Conduct

Essentially, a project management experts can have ability and profession skill because of his/her effort and by the grace and gift of the one and only God. Every efforts and actions must be in full responsibility to God and other interested parties such as, task giver, among fellow peers, among other Profession experts, governments, community and its environment as well as to his/herself.

Project management project is a profession that use mind and sense, by habits and acts to gain optimum working results and synchronized in using resources and funding, through a development process as wanted in a scope of time, quantity, quality and cost.

Project management experts is a profession where in doing his/her task always act for and on behalf of task giver and supporting the trust of task giver, so the project can run accordingly as the requested scope by problems with confirmed approval by task giver/ services user.

To guarrantee the success of task implementation, ethical code and code of conduct were arranged and must be obeyed by every member of IAMPI

Ethical Code

Every member of IAMPI, must always act, behave and conduct based on general ethic of Professional expert:

  • Caring for Others
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Promise Keeping
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Loyalty
  • Fairness
  • Integrity and Commitment
  • Respect for Others
  • Responsible Citizenship

Profession code of conduct

Every IAMPI member, must obey and perform Profession code of conduct for IAMPI members:

  1. Respecting the honour, dignity and the good name of project Management profession in the working relationship with task giver, among profession partners, among other profession experts, government and people.
  2. Honest, fair, straight and transparent, full dedications in giving services to service user and other service provider without harming other stakeholder including government and people.
  3. Exchange knowledge in fields expert moderately among peers or other profession experts.
  4. Always improving understanding and people appreciation in the project management experts profession specifically and other professions generally, so people can appreciate more of the role and creation of Project Management Expert Professionals
  5. Honouring the principal of fair, decent, and proper compensation to project management experts specifically, and other experts generally
  6. Respecting and honouring professional reputation project management experts peers specifically and other experts generally according to working agreement in conjunction with each respective profession.
  7. Obtain task based on skills standard, ability and competency profesionally without unfair process, such as offering commission or using unfair influences
  8. Cooperating with other expert profession peers, experts and / or other professional experts who have high integrity.
  9. In doing his/her task, a project management expert must always keep profession ethic especially when representing the task giver.
  10. A member of IAMPI, is considered unable to perform his/her duty professionally when:
    1. Leaking private and confidential information to task giver/ service user without proper authorization from task giver
    2. Accepting jobs, where the job is technically unqualified job
    3. Performing jobs and/ or having agreement with another parties which can disturb objectivity and independency as seen by the interest of task giver/ service user.
    4. Not discussing and agreeing with task giver/ service user about the amount and the calculation of compensation and other cost for services prior to the jobs.
    5. Performing action to degrade dignity and values as a Project Management Experts